Smoked Salmon!

Featured Cooks 2 March 2015

Gemelli with Smoked Salmon and Pesto.

I adore smoked salmon. How could you not? It’s the perfect accompaniment to a bland cracker, a piece of toast, some stinky cheese, by itself or hey, pasta!

This recipe was definitely created during one of my infamous “Hungry Shopping Days”… in which I go to the store, you guess it, hungry. More like hangry. I want everything, and I want people to get out of my way. It’s also a day that I, out of habit, ignore how much is actually accumulating in my shopping cart and end up blowing three times my allotted food budget. I’d suggest NEVER going to the store on an empty stomach. But, well, everyone’s a hypocrite.

Pasta sounds good… oh this cheese looks amazing, crackers.. Oh! Pie!  


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Shakshouka – Bliss in a Ramekin

Local Eats 17 December 2014

imageI was recently introduced to Shakshouka, a simple dish of poached or baked eggs in a saucy concoction of tomatoes, peppers, onions and herbs. How had I not been familiar with this one before?

One of my favorite cafes in the East Bay, Julie’s coffee and tea, had the perfect accompaniment to my rainy, Sunday afternoon. It was cold, it was wet… and all I wanted was something to warm my bones. I’ve been here quite a few times and each visit has never been short of delightful. Actually, when I first moved up to the Bay Area (nearly two years ago!! I can’t believe how fast time has flown!), this was my go-to spot. Partially because I needed a place with wireless internet, but mainly because it was so easy to fall absolutely head-over-heels for this place. On a nice, warmer, dry day their backyard patio is an idyllic reading nook. Peaceful, cellphone free! Another reason to love the place; patrons are asked to take their calls outside! Anyway, I digress, back to Shakshouka.


Included on the menu, their rendition of Shakshouka: Baked Eggs, “seasonal veggies, two organic eggs, garlic & cheese, baked to a golden brown perfection.”

Perfection it was indeed!
It reminds me of a thicker, tomato-y French Onion Soup… that you would use crusty bread to sop up all the veggie, yolky goodness. As a side, I ordered their seasonal artisan bread – cranberry and walnut rye toast served with a creamy whipped butter and strawberry jam. Just look at that plate! Adorable!

Dishes are prepared to order and all I can say is that it’s definitely worth the wait. The ingredients used here are always fresh. Julie’s Coffee and Tea has been open since 2005, and one of their main focuses is on organic, handmade products — an easy return destination in my opinion!

Julie’s Coffee & Tea Garden
1223 Park Street, Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 865-2385
Mon-Fri 7am-7pm
Sat-Sun 8am-7pm

Roasted Acorn Squash with Brussels sprouts and BACON!

Recipes 11 December 2014

Hello blogging world! It has been too long. I’ve taken a break from you while working on other projects. But! I’m attempting to get back into the groove and hopefully stick around a little while longer.


Roasted Acorn Squash stuffed with Brussels sprouts and bacon. The perfect Fall/Winter dish.

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Delicious when fried

“Icky” foods. What’s yours?

Food-ventures, Misc. 8 May 2013

What’s a food that you absolutely-under-whatever-circumstance cannot stand?


In my recent discovery of my passion for food-writing (because let’s face it, my passion for food in general has always been known), I’ve gotten to reap some pretty amazing benefits. One such benefit has been getting to taste an incredible variety of different foods and beverages while wearing a press pass. Thank you Taste Terminal! I’ve gotten good feedback from family, friends and other bloggers. Getting to answer How’s it going? How’s the food? Have you gained any weight from it? with a Heck yes, I’ve gained weight… and it’s AMAZING has been pretty great. However, one question that still bothers me is, What’s the least favorite thing you’ve ever eaten? Read More

Foodies Unite! Ravenous for Ravioli.

Featured Cooks, Recipes 6 May 2013


Homemade lemon-pepper ricotta-stuffed ravioli with sage butter sauce – Chef Julia Mallon.

I’ve always had this irrational fear of making things from scratch. Why spend 5 hours making pasta when you can go out to the stores, pick up a bag and whip up a dish under 30 minutes? Convenience, right?
Sure. But if you’re one that truly enjoys cooking — you’ll understand the pleasure of putting in a bit more effort into what you cook. The satisfaction you get from getting to say, Hey, I made that! I actually made that!… well, really can’t be beat.
What’s more is just how simple and easy making fresh ricotta and pasta is. Not joking even in the slightest bit. The daunting task of making things from scratch? No big deal. Read More